Chairperson’s Message

My dear Professional colleagues and Students,

Greetings from the Chairman and the new team !!!!

We the human beings are passing through the most difficult and dangerous period in the history of mankind. In fact, humans are under quarantine and our society and public life are at a standstill. Hitherto normal has become abnormal and the hitherto abnormal has become the normal. Economy at macro as well as at micro level is facing challenges hitherto unknown. All these points out to the important fact that “Change is the only one permanent thing in this world”.

In this scenario for us there is no way but to face the challenges posed by the changing scenario boldly and adapt us accordingly. I quote another maxim “take the challenges as opportunities” So I humbly urge all our dearest professional colleagues and students to gather proper knowhow to face the fast changing environment. At this stage I from the Chapter side assure that We will be at the forefront in the battle for our survival in this fast changing environment.

Let us pledge ourselves for the service of the Profession as well as our Nation.

Let us be united and be safe by keeping Social Distancing.

Jai Bharat,

Jai CMA.